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• Hi my name is Hiun Shim. I have lived in both South Korea and the United States.

• I lived in 4 different states throught the years before college.

• I'm a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Chinese at UC Berkeley.

• I can speak Korean and English fluently, and speak Mandarin at an elementary level.

• I like playing all sports (any physical activity) and like to travel around.


Color Control - Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Fully control an LED light strip using Google Home and a web app
• The idea for Color Control came from an online video where the creator flashed an LED light strip based on the sound of music.
• Decided to use an RGB LED light, Raspberry Pi, electronic parts, and a Google Home Mini to achieve a more broad purpose.
• Completed this project during Berkeley's Cal Hacks 5.0


In order to control the LED lights, we decided to use a Raspberry Pi (Model 2 B+) for ease of programming. We used the RPi to create a web server, using Flask with Python for our server back-end. For controlling using Google Home, we used IFTTT's Webhooks service to generate GET requests for our website. Our website controller would to use ajax POST requests upon the selection of buttons to create an interactive, 'clicky', website, which would allow for animation without refreshing the page.

The Work

I started with a simple Flask server that would handle GET requests. A form that allowed 0-255 R, G, and B input respectively used a submit button to update the page to the same website but with additional HTML paths. For example:
- /on/#R/#G/#B
- /off
These commands were processed using Flask, and correspondingly output PWM to GPIO pins 23, 24, and 25 respectively for R, G, and B. Our back-end first used the GPIO.PWM module in order to output PWM to these pins.

AvalonAI – Python, SQL
• Artificial Intelligence program that gives the best possible combinations of the formation of the players in the game called Avalon, which is a multiplayer board game.
• Takes input from the user and calculates the likelihood of the roles of each player using the heuristics.
• Uses SQLite to manage the heuristic scores and outputs it using the GUI coded in Python.

Time – C#
• Time reversing action 2D Flash game created using C# language, Visual Studio, and Unity.




Phone: (703) 915-7779